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Your home

Whether you are building your first home, or last, S&S knows how important each detail is to you. We want your experience with us to reflect the best that we can do, and we work to make the building process as friendly as possible.

The S&S team consists of many hard working people both on center stage, as well as behind the scenes. From our management team, and our sales associates, to our crews out on the job, or staff in our office, we are accessible to you and work to help you create, and be a part of your home.

The S&S family is ready to help you with your new home from the very beginning. We can help you find the right home for your family whether it is in one of our communities, or a home site in another area of Southern Utah. We are dedicated to creating a positive and exciting atmosphere as you jump into the adventure of home building. You will be an integral part of building your home, and can call any member of the S&S family if you have questions or concerns.

Our Home

The Sullivan family has made its home in Southern Utah for generations. Our ancestors worked hard to build homes of quality and beauty for their families. Homes where children could grow, relationships develop, and memories be made. We at S&S Homes take pride in a heritage that provided a strong foundation for us, and we strive to emulate our ancestors as we build homes for our families and for yours.